Create massive pure analogue sequences and pulses with an instrument that’s built for rapid music making, experimentation and fun!

With its intelligent sequence generator, easy to use engine, and pure analogue sound set – the Electron Reactor is ideal for making modern EDM sequences and pads, heavy industrial riffs, 80’s Synthwave synth patterns, Cinematic Electronica and Ambiences, and more. 

Even though the FREE version only has 5 of the 225 core sounds, you won’t believe how much you can do with them!

Requires Kontakt 5.8.1 or above.



Instrument Highlights
  • Pure Analogue Samples. The Electron Reactor captures the oscillators, filters, LFOs and envelopes from 3 massive pure analogue synths).
  • Tempo Sync, Adjustable Sequencer Sync & Note Input Quantise – keeps your playing, and the Electron Reactor’s sequencers and fx in sync with your DAW.
  • Intelligent Sequencer Generator – we call it the Assistant Composer. At the touch of a button, it helps you create interesting rhythms, melodic sequences and fx patterns.
  • Ability to load fx settings without changing the source sound – meaning you can effortlessly explore many variations of the same source sound within seconds.
  • 5 flexible Sequencers, 14 powerful fx, 2 LFOs…and everything else you need to get incredible sequenced analogue sound pulsating in your tracks.


Want More Sounds And Presets?

The FULL version of the Electron Reactor features 225 pure analogue core sounds, 225 noise sequences and 375 pulsating presets. And because you can mix and match the Electron Reactor’s core sounds with its effects, you have thousands of sonic possibilities to play with right out of the box.